About GLA

GLA is dedicated to the advancement of holistic, skills-based leadership

What We Do

GLA is dedicated to the advancement of holistic, skills-based leadership. We help the modern career professional reach their potential through:

  • Our Assessment. Our cutting-edge data science and psychology research reveals there are six universal categories of skills exist that exist in the world. Our assessment is the first of its kind to evaluate ones universal mix of soft-skills. Even better, it’s simple, action-oriented, and free. Try it out.
  • The Academy. Our academy conducts research to learn more about the six universal skills. We interview leading experts on these skills, and share these insights with our community of life-long learners and leaders. Browse the articles.
  • Speaking & Workshops. We do interactive speaking engagements on the topic of skills-based talent development and education. Our past clients include University of Toronto, Canadian Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB), African Leadership Academy, Venture for Canada, and more. Contact us to book.

Who We Are

Joel Nicholson founded GLA to help educators, students, and dedicated career professionals understand and grow their skills for the modern economy. As a former management consultant, turned entrepreneur and education activist, he became frustrated with the over-emphasis on theory and knowledge in academia; and the lack of access to world-class skills training in the business world. He successfully launched and sold CampusRankings.com—Canada’s #1 website for helping students successfully navigate the transition to college/university. He’s coached hundreds of students and young professionals on skills development, career direction, and holistic leadership.

“ We’ve only been working with Joel for a year, but we already notice a remarkable improvement in our students’ confidence and clarity in their career direction.”

Lauren Shanahan
Career Services Director, Rotman Commerce

How We Do It

  • We help students better understand and develop their skills, so they can succeed in a world where knowledge is a commodity, and skills are timeless
  • We help school boards and educational institutions refine their exit outcomes to ensure they are clearly defined, timeless, and measurable
  • We help teachers better incorporate skills training into their lesson plans and instructional techniques

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