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More than half of today’s employers believe people lack creative thinking, problem solving, and communicating competencies. We’ve been so focused on acquiring “knowledge” that we’ve missed learning about what matters most: our skills. In a world where knowledge is ubiquitous, the only competitive advantage we can create is based on acute awareness of our skill set. Try our free skills assessment.

“The world doesn’t care what you know. What the world cares about is what you can do with what you know.”

Tony Wagner
Harvard University


of people aren’t fully aware of what they are good at.

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Every action we take in our career, whether it’s how you approach a work assignment, how you react to managers’ feedback, how you respond to email, or how you assemble a team, is based entirely on your skill set. Understanding your skills will help you optimize the use of them, and ultimately advance your career to the next level. Try our free skills assessment.

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Joel Nicholson
Founder, GLA

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