Pathfinder™: Self-Discovery & Career Direction

Transition into adulthood with a better understanding of your strengths, development areas, suitable university majors, and fulfilling careers options.


Who’s It For

  • High school students searching for the perfect major
  • University/college students looking for their dream career
  • Students preparing for job interviews and/or university admissions essays

Why We Made This

  • How can you write a university admissions essay, choose the right field of study, or perform in job interviews if you’re not fully aware of your unique talents, interests, and motivations?
  • A whopping ninety percent of 16-20 year olds are unaware about their strengths, uncertain about their majors, and unsure about what they want to do as a career. When young people make decisions with this lack of clarity, they later switch degrees, drop out, or even worse— get stuck in a career that’s not fulfilling. With so many options to take your life today, students need— more than ever— a profound level of self-awareness and career direction.
  • Guidance counsellors today aren’t equipped with the resources and tools to deliver the personalized support students need to truly understand themselves and what they want in life. This comprehensive self-discovery program helps students deeply understand themselves, and narrow down their best-suited university and career decisions.

“GLA helped me so much on discovering my career interests and redefining my career direction. With his unique experience, Joel became someone I can always look up to when facing critical decisions.”

Lexi Z.
Student, Queen's Commerce

What You’ll Learn

  • Your Strengths & Weaknesses
  • What People Think About You
  • Your Interests & Motivations
  • Your Perfect Major & Career
  • Enhanced Emotional Intelligence


  • Call: Intro/ Discovery Session (1 hour)
  • Assignment: Proprietary Behavioural Assessments (30 mins)
  • Call: Assessments Debrief (1 hour)
  • Assignment: 360° Assessment Set-up (30 mins)
  • Call: 360° Debrief (1 hour)
  • Assignment: Answers Archive (2 hours)
  • Call: Answers Archive Review (1 hour)
  • Call: Final Closing (1 hour)


  • Joel Nicholson founded GLA to help educators, students, and dedicated career professionals understand and grow their skills for the modern economy. As a former management consultant, turned entrepreneur and education activist, he became frustrated with the over-emphasis on theory and knowledge in academia; and the lack of access to world-class skills training in the business world. He successfully launched and sold—Canada’s #1 website for helping students successfully navigate the transition to college/university. He’s coached hundreds of students and young professionals on skills development, career direction, and holistic leadership.

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